More About PRCAC

The PRCAC will not have a Membership structure and the provision of goods, services, or funds is not limited to a specific individual or group, however, the PRCAC does intend to limit most Programs (except Education, Events and Meals) to Oglala Lakota Tribal Members living on or off the Pine Ridge Reservation. We believe eligibility will be easily established, however, proof of Tribal Membership may be requested. Fees will be charged to non-Tribal Members for Education and Events.

PRCAC Programs may be spun off as a for-profit businesses on the Reservation. In addition, PRCAC will make efforts to not compete with any individual or group engaged in business on the Reservation, but rather will provide employment opportunities, source goods and services on the Reservation, and promote and support Lakota artisans in starting and building their own businesses whenever possible.

An important part of the PRCAC will be training and business empowerment: We intend to continually train individuals both in Lakota arts and crafts as well as in the business of arts and crafts, to encourage participants to increase their outside sales and provide them with the tools to start their own businesses.

The PRCAC expects to help uncover a wide variety of opportunities for the struggling population in Pine Ridge. For example, it is hoped that our efforts in the culinary arts (and the eventual building of our kitchen) might inspire and enable someone to start a catering or fresh produce business.

No funds will be distributed to individuals, except as payment for goods sold, hours worked, work contracted, or per other arrangements with the Board of Directors.

The PRCAC intends to operate primarily with charitable donations and government and foundation grants and will conduct fundraising through a variety of means, including mail, email, phone, web and personal solicitations. Vehicle donations will be accepted as needed and appropriate. Donations of other items will be strictly limited to those items, which can be put to immediate use for PRCAC Programs and purposes. Donations are currently accepted on our web site, These donations are processed by PayPal then transferred to the PRCAC checking account.

Regarding physical location, we are beginning a partnership with Wakpamni Task Force and Sandra Graff to create garden, outdoor event and studio space outside Pine Ridge as well as a small space for beginning the Supply Store in town. We intend to eventually rent, purchase or build a location in or near Pine Ridge to centralize all other activities of the Art Center.