(FINE ART PRINT) Acrylic on Antique Ledger Paper #20 & #5 Rider with Two Tipis

$ 70.00

The Pine Ridge Art Center is very pleased to offer for sale this excellent example of traditional Ledger Art by noted Lakota Artist Merle Locke!

#20 & #5 Rider with Two Tipis

Thisink and acrylic on antique ledger paper, signed Merle Locke OLA and dated 2015, is a beautiful and charming example of traditional Native American ledger art. Approximately 14.5"hx11.5"w.

Prints: The original piece has been sold. This painting is available in a limited-edition, high-quality print on archival fine art paper. Select Print above. Unframed. Framing is available.

Locke honors the memories of his ancestors by using a double sheet dated 1898 pulled from the ledger of a Black Hills grocery store, a time and place so significant in Sioux history.

A warrior rides in from off the page, guided by an eagle. Two tipis in the background are depicted above him in this artful piece. Locke includes the sun in all his paintings, to commemorate the Battle of the Greasy Grass, which began at noon.

Please Note: The letters, "Locke" in the photo have been added to protect copyright. They are not actually part of the piece.

Merle is one of the most recognized Oglala Lakota artists working today! Watch a video of Merle discussing his art. 


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