Native American Original Ledger Art on Antique Sheet Music In the Garden of To-Morrow

$ 275.00

The Pine Ridge Art Center very pleased to offer for sale this unique example of traditional Ledger Art by noted Lakota Artist Merle Locke!

In the Garden of To-Morrow

This is a truly special and unique piece!

Original, signed 12x9" ink and acrylic on antique sheet music. Unframed.

Prints: This painting is available in a limited-edition, high-quality print on archival fine art paper. Select Print above. Unframed.

Locke offers a different take on traditional ledger art by using vintage sheet music to demonstrate the divide between Native and white culture.

Mr. Locke tells us that, like Native artists who used ledger paper when nothing else was available for their art, Lakota children in boarding schools often used sheet music or pages torn from hymnals to practice the painting and drawing taught to them by their parents.

In this especially colorful piece, a brightly-dressed winyan overlooks the Pine Ridge. Meaningfully set on sheet music entitled In the Garden of To-Morrow, she stands in unity with the land around her and with all of Mother Earth represented by the turtle at her feet.

This is a rare opportunity to own a unique piece by one of the most recognized Oglala Lakota artists working today!

Purchase of original includes an artist photo and bio and certificate of authentication.

Condition: No defects or scratches to the art or unusual wear and tear, although the antique music shows normal signs of wear and age. There is one tear that looks worse in the photo and will be be minimal once the piece is framed. 

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