Current Projects - Art for Shelter

If you don't have workspace, it's pretty hard to work.

If you don't have shelter, it's difficult even to survive.

Maybe you have a house, but twelve of your relatives already live there. And it lacks plumbing and electricity. So essentially you're living outside. And winter is coming. Again.

Or you were forced to leave your home because meth addicts repeatedly assaulted and robbed you there. And the next two places you stayed were the same way so now you live in a mortuary-turned-homeless shelter and your only option for workspace is the former embalming room. Not very inspiring is it?

Imagine being forced to move after having your home on the Reservation wiped out by flooding and receiving no assistance. And now you find yourself living below the poverty line in the city, trying desperately to move before your daughter has to attend the middle school in that neighborhood.

What if keeping your heat on for your family during sub-zero temps meant making a sale of your work, but you didn't have transportation reliable enough get you through drifts on ungraded roads?

For most Americans, the conditions on the Pine Ridge Reservation are unimaginable. 

But these are real situations currently being faced by some of our Member Artists. These are scenes that are very common on the Rez.

That's where you come in.

Now through August 6, all donations made to the Pine Ridge Art Center will be earmarked for providing shelter to Member Artists in need.

Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to help ensure our Member Artists have a safe, warm place to call home for the coming winter months.

There are three ways to donate:

Our primary goal is $40,000. With $40,000 and volunteer help, we can build a shed home for one artist or get two shed homes started. With a secondary goal of $20,000 we can get one shed home started. If we don't reach these goals, funds raised will be used for rent and other housing-related needs beginning immediately.