Current Projects

PRCAC Startup - Phase Two

Phase Two, for which we are currently applying for Federal funding and seeking matching funds from private donors, is comprised of our goals that can be implemented without purchasing or building a permanent location. All goals are designed with the common purpose of bringing increased profitable commerce to the Region, creating jobs and opportunities for Oglala Lakota artists, and capitalizing on the expanding national and global market for Lakota artwork, thereby increasing conditions and quality of life on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  Donate Now!

Your donation will help fund the following projects currently underway:

Online Stores

Donations help cover the costs of selling online, including Ebay and Etsy selling fees, credit card processing and shipping costs so that our artisans can receive full value for their work.

Arts & Crafts Shows

We are currently gearing up to co-sponsor our first annual Black Hills Arts & Crafts Buyer's Market in Deadwood in May! Donations are needed to pay for the convention space and to help with food and lodging for our artists traveling from the Reservation for this selling opportunity! 

Please see our Calendar for the full list of events we plan to sponsor booth space at this year!

Arts & Crafts Supply Store

As we contact artisans to let them know about this year's selling opportunities, it would be so great to also be able to introduce them to our Virtual Supply Store.  We know we can begin the Supply Store with very little money by simply ordering supplies online from wholesale suppliers and having them shipped directly to the artist.

Increasing profitability, skills training, and creating jobs are the primary goals of the Supply Store. Once funding is available, we expect the Supply Store to create at least one full-time job on the Reservation.

Fishing, Camping, Garden, and Event Area

In cooperation with the Wakpamni Task Force, plans are underway to begin creating a park-like setting for fishing, camping, gardens and outdoor events at the dam area near Denby, on the Reservation east of Pine Ridge village.

Donations are needed first to purchase docks. We can get a great price on used docks and already have a truck and volunteer help to transport them to Denby and install them, but need about $400 to purchase and install four docks. 
Donate Now!