Who We Are

We have several projects underway 
and many future goals.
The need on the Reservation is so great; 
the opportunities to help are numerous.
The Art Center seeks to provide
a centralized hub for artists in Pine Ridge.
Please consider how you might get involved.
Volunteers and donations are needed urgently!

Web Site & Online Stores

We launched our web site and online store, www.PineRidgeArtCenter.com and our Facebook presence, PineRidgeArtCenter, in 2014 and opened online stores on Ebay and Etsy in 2016.

Our web site is our most effective tool since the majority of Lakota artisans do not have the resources to carry out a viable online business on their own and because bringing income to this greatly impoverished area is a critical first step in accomplishing our other goals.

Our goal is for the online stores to employ one to three people full time and provide training in positions such as Online Manager, Shipping Clerk and Photographer in addition to providing resources for artists to develop their own online presence.

Art Center Store

The PRCAC intends to open a gallery in a visible location in or near the town of Pine Ridge for the purpose of selling arts and crafts handmade on the Reservation. We expect the Art Center Store to employ three people full time and provide ongoing training in positions of Store Manager, Assistant Manager, Clerk.

Currently most artisans in Pine Ridge have a very limited (local) market, often selling on the streets, which affects their asking prices significantly. We believe the Art Center Store will provide a more productive, dignified and lucrative way for Lakota artisans to sell their work to a wider market. 

Arts & Crafts Supply Store

The PRCAC intends to create a store in Pine Ridge offering arts and crafts supplies commonly used by Lakota artists at cost.

Without bank accounts, credit cards and Internet access, limited funds and long distances to stores, Lakota artists often experience difficulty obtaining supplies.The Supply Store will increase profitability and provide training in basic business and finance and empowerment for artists wishing to start a business.

Arts and Crafts Shows         

The PRCAC facilitates participation at regional arts and crafts shows and powwows including help with booth fees and food and lodging costs.

Advertising & Marketing Services

The PRCAC provides advertising and marketing services to Lakota artists, including marketing to retailers, museum shops and Facebook advertising.

Art Center Products

The PRCAC hopes to develop products for the purposes of employing artists and benefiting the organization.

We believe this will be a very positive, community-building program. Art Center Products will provide employment and a safe place for fellowship and meals for a highly at-risk population. This activity will also help instruct participants in many aspects of business.

Art Center Products will include Children’s Tipis, Tipi Furnishings, Doll Tipis, Doll Tipi Furnishings, Dolls, Cradleboards, Doll Accessories, Greeting Cards and Art Packaging.

Studio Space

The PRCAC intends to provide studio space free of charge for artists living on the Pine Ridge Reservation. This is much-needed workspace, as most homes in Pine Ridge are terrifically overcrowded and currently no public studio space is available. 

Education and Events

Our long-term goals include hosting classes, workshops and events, which instruct in and explore all aspects of Lakota arts and crafts traditions including music, dance, culinary arts, painting, bead work, quill work, leather work, tipi building, etc.

Events will be open to everyone and it is our intention to bring awareness of Native traditions to the general public though PRCAC Events.

The PRCAC hopes to eventually to provide scholarships to Oglala Lakota tribal members pursuing education in the arts.

Culinary: Kitchen / Garden / Produce / Catering

The PRCAC intends to create a kitchen and garden for the purpose of education in Lakota culinary traditions, for the benefit Art Center participants, and for promotion and enhancement of Art Center events and programs.

Kids’ Space

The PRCAC hopes to create and staff an art-centered kids’ space during Art Center activities. 

Architecture & Housing

The PRCAC is a supporter of the OST Partnership for Housing tiny homes and studio concept (live-work) homes projects and hopes to help solve the housing crisis on the Reservation through art and design.

Your donations help us reach our goals.
The need on Pine Ridge remains critical.
Please consider donating today.
Wopila! Thank you!